Mission Statement 

Our mission is to enrich the lives of all the members of our community by providing books, audio tapes, CDs, magazines and internet service as a means of stimulating the appreciation of learning.

Roles of the Trustees:

The trustees are responsible for the management and control of the library. They shall in accordance with the regulations, organize, promote, and maintain comprehensive and efficient library services in the municipality.

The trustees must assume the following responsibilities:

  1. Identify the community's needs, monitor and evaluate the library service provided and promote the library in the community.
  2. Hire, monitor, and evaluate the senior staff person (library clerk).
  3. Review and update library policies and by-laws regularly.
  4. Develop and implement long - and short - term goals, objectives, and plans.
  5. Determine a budget and secure adequate funds to meet it.
  6. Comply with the Alberta Libraries Act and Regulation.
  7. Embrace the Alberta Library Trustees Association Code of Ethics and Canadian Library association Statement of intellectual Freedom.

Library Use 
Library Services/Inter Library Loans/Resource Sharing 
Library Facilities
Orientation & Continuing Education- Staff & Trustees
Board Policy
Board Meetings
Library Materials Normally Lent
Membership Fees
Missing/Overdue Books
Personnel Employment Standards
Multilingual Materials
Services to the Handicapped
Hours of Service
Materials Selection
Internet Usage
Code of Conduct
Drugs and Alcohol
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