Orientation and Continuing Education Policy

Departing Board Members shall turn over to their replacements, all current and/or working documents, i.e. minutes, financial statements, budgets, policies.

Resignation of any Board Member should be in writing and submitted to the Council one (1) month prior to termination of duties. 

The Board Secretary will provide the incoming members with any documents not received.

At the first meeting the new Board Member is attending, he/she will be given an outline of the procedures for the operation of the library and any duties he/she will be expected to fulfill.

New staff (library clerk) will be informed of all library policies and procedures and the duties he/she is expected to perform.

The Board will endeavor to keep abreast of new library developments and arrange for library clerk and/or board members to attend certain workshops, seminars, etc. that would be beneficial to the continuing operation of the library. All relevant expenses incurred by staff and Trustees while on Board business will be paid within the budget allowance.