Code of Conduct Policy

The Library Board will not tolerate the following:

  • A. misuse of equipment and books
  • B. offensive language
  • C. verbal and/or physical abuse of library personnel. Any complaints will be dealt with accordingly by the library board.

Delburne Municipal Library is a community facility that operates for the benefit of all patrons.

There will from time-to-time be noise as a result of the normal business of the library and when activity programs are being run.

The library board will not tolerate patrons who make excessive noise, make racist, or anti-Semitic comments, interfere with other patrons, staff, volunteers or library equipment.

Neither will it tolerate the use of violence, threat of violence or other conduct likely to provoke a breach of the peace.

Patrons who behave in this manner, will be asked to leave and may be banned from entering the premises.

This statement is to expand upon the code of conduct policy as stated in the Delburne Municipal Library Byelaws of January 2005 and is in accordance with the Byelaws of Parkland Regional Library of May 2007.