Board Policy

The Board shall consist of:

No less than five (5) members and no more than ten (10) members appointed by Delburne Village Council. Attendance and terms of service shall as stated in Section 5 of the Alberta Libraries Act.

Role Description of Executive Members:


 - attends and chairs all meetings
 - attends all committee meetings
 - promotes public relations and further interest of the Library Board

Vice chair:

 - attends all meetings
- chairs meeting in absence of chairperson


- Attends all meetings
- Records the minutes, types and distributes copies to all Board members
 - attends to correspondence pertaining to the Board
- calls Board Members to remind them of meetings


- attends all meetings
 - collects and disperses all monies
 - arranges to have a float ready for fund-raising events
- prepares a financial report for each meeting
- completes applications for grants and funding

Special Committees:

- Tend to all business pertaining to specific duties and events.