Serving Liquor at Library Events

The Board of the Camrose Public Library approves of serving alcohol at library events as long as the following conditions have been met:

  • The appropriate license has been purchased
  • The event takes place during the library’s regular closed hours .
  • Attendees must have valid ID in order to be served. Without valid ID, the person will be asked to leave the premises during alcohol related events.
  • The Board has been informed.
  • The Camrose Public Library recognizes that it is against the law to:

    • serve any person to intoxication
    • serve any person under the age of 18
    • allow intoxicated, disruptive, or violent behaviour to occur on the premises

    The Camrose Public Library seeks to ensure that no harm comes to patrons as a result of our service of alcohol.

    The Camrose Public Library strives to foster responsible service of alcohol practices amongst patrons and staff. This is achieved by implementing and maintaining various harm minimization and consumer protection measures as outlined in this policy:

    • To properly conduct alcohol related services in a professional and socially responsible manner, complying with all applicable laws, having regard to potential harm and community concerns about alcohol consumption
    • Discourages excessive drinking.
    • Non-alcoholic beverages are provided on a complimentary basis
    • If a staff member feels that a patron has become intoxicated, they will be asked to leave.
    • If such patrons fail to leave, the Police will be called.

    Note: ProServe policy does not affect individuals serving liquor under the authority of a private special event licence, Class C licence, or Community Public Resale Special Event licence. However, ProServe is mandatory for all individuals serving or selling liquor under the authority of a Commercial Public Resale Special Event licence.


    Approval Date: March 2015

    Amended: February 2017 

    Revision/Review Date: February 2020

    Approval Signature: __________________________________________________________

                                                                   Camrose Public Library Board Chair