Program Policy


This policy is intended to guide staff when making programming choices, and to inform library patrons, funders, and the public about the principles and criteria upon which such decisions are made.

The policy does not directly apply to events held in the library as part of a ‘private room booking’ planned by an outside organization or public group without partnering with Camrose Public Library (CPL or the library). However, the library reserves the right to decline any private booking request that contravenes the CPL code of ethics and related principles.


For the purpose of this policy, the word ‘program’ is to be understood broadly. A program may include any public event, party, reading, class, meeting, game, debate, panel, art, and other displays hosted, co-hosted, or organized by the library, with the understanding that this list is by no means exhaustive.

Guiding Principles and Scope of Programming

As a tax-supported institution, Camrose Public Library serves all segments of the community. Programming principles are based in the Canadian Federation of Library Associations “Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries”, while programs hosted by the library must align with the library’s Vision, Mission, and Values.

As a public institution, Camrose Public Library does not host programs that are solely commercial in nature, or those that espouse perspectives of specific political parties or religious institutions. At the same time, the library attempts to make available a wide diversity of views and expressions, with the understanding that CPL does not itself advocate for, or endorse, all or any of the ideas and opinions expressed or discussed in a program.

As a community resource, Camrose Public Library fulfills a number of roles which will guide how programs are selected, created, and assessed. Examples include but are not limited to early literacy and life-long learning; information literacy, fluency, and research; programs that stimulate imagination through reading, viewing, and listening, or which satisfy curiosity; and programs that foster community engagement and social connection.

Broadly speaking, the library hosts programs that:

  • Examine contemporary conditions, trends and/or controversies in areas of popular interest and/or societal/global significance.
  • Represent diverse points of view.
  • Support both formal and informal learning.
  • Stimulate the imagination and nurture creativity.
  • Enhance an individual’s enjoyment of life, including their capacity for understanding.
  • Contribute to an individual’s ability to function effectively as a productive member of society.

The library reserves the right to host programs and events clearly intended for specific demographics, and invites all patrons and the public to inquire about suitable programming for themselves and their children. At the same time, the library has finite resources and, must therefore make programming decisions with attention to available resources (human, financial, supplies, space, etc.).

Additional Criteria

  • Suitability of physical form for library use.
  • Suitability of the subject and style for the intended audience.
  • Present and potential relevance to community needs and interests.
  • Appropriateness and effectiveness of presentation format with respect to content.
  • Insight into human and social, economic, and environmental conditions.
  • Background, experience, skill, competence, and reputation of presenter/programmer.
  • Interest of and requests made by the public, including language preferences and requests.
  • Preference is given to programs and presenters that reflect a Canadian multi-cultural perspective and/or reside or have resided in Canada.

Parent or Legal Guardian Responsibilities

Camrose Public Library acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of parents or legal guardians to develop and maintain their values for themselves and their families. The right to permit a minor’s participation in a library program rests solely with the child’s parent or legal guardian.

At the same time, Camrose Public Library is a public space and will not be held responsible for any minor who attends a program without the permission of their parent or legal guardian, including any program with which their parent or legal guardian may disagree. That said, library staff will seek to obtain parental/guardianship permission as feasible and appropriate.

Evaluation and Assessment

Programming will be assessed on an ongoing, informal basis. When appropriate, more formal evaluations may be conducted as determined by the programmer or CPL Director. Assessment and evaluation will consider accessibility, popularity, and level of community need, along with other criteria noted above as may be applicable to specific programs and events.

Reconsideration of Programming

Camrose Public Library welcomes questions and concerns regarding specific programs and events, treating them with courtesy and respect. While many minor or explanatory needs may be addressed by programming staff, more significant questions and concerns will be referred to the Director.

The process for reconsideration of programming is laid out in the Request for Reconsideration Policy. If a patron wishes to submit a written concern, a “Request for Reconsideration of a Library Program” form will be offered, and a response made as per the Request policy.

Approval Date: February 21 2024

Revision/Review Date: February 2027