Orientation of Board and Staff


The Camrose Public Library board recognizes the importance of having informed Board Members. To ensure this, the board provides, within budget limitations, a comprehensive orientation program for all new Board Members. 

The Library Director conducts and orientation with new Board Members to provide an overview of the Camrose Public Library services, trustee roles and responsibilities, provincial library legislation, and the framework for the provision of library services within the province of Alberta.  

At the orientation session, new Board Members will receive a copy of relevant documents, and will be provided with a tour of CPL.

New Board Members are encouraged to attend a Board Basics Workshop facilitated by the provincial Public Library Services Branch. Board Members who have attended the workshop previously are encouraged to participate regularly to refresh their knowledge. 

Camrose Public Library maintains a membership in the provincial trustees association. 

For information about continuing education, please read the policy on Professional Development. 


Approval date: April 2019

Review date: April 2022