Provision for Persons Using Languages Other Than English or Unable to use Conventional Print

The Camrose Public Library Board believes those persons unable to use conventional print materials in the usual manner are entitled access to the library and information services.

The Camrose Public Library Board endeavors to provide materials in a format appropriate to the user, whichever source is available.

The Camrose Public Library Board endeavors to supply our users materials in unconventional formats as needed, including, but not limited to:

  • Computer software
  • Talking books
  • Music compact discs
  • Multilingual titles
  • Large print titles
  • Adaptive technology for computer use

As Camrose Public Library is a member of the Parkland Regional Libraries, unconventional resources may be obtained upon request from the Parkland Regional Library (PRL), The Alberta Library (TAL), VISUNET and any other sources that become available.

Approval Date:  June 2013

Amended: February 2017 

Revision/Review Date: March 2020

Approval Signature: original signed by Board Chair: Elizabeth Luck

Camrose Public Library Board Chair