Naming Rights and Sponsorship

The Camrose Public Library welcomes and encourages the business community and other organizations to support the Library through the establishment of sponsorships that provide the Library with the resources, including revenue and/or in-kind contributions, to enhance events, programs, activities, and services to the community. The Board’s first priority is to ensure the continuation and growth of support from the City of Camrose, Camrose County, and the Province of Alberta.

The Camrose Public Library Board endorses the Canadian Federation of Library Associations’ Position Statement on Corporate Sponsorship Agreements in Libraries.

Library Values

The Camrose Public Library is a cornerstone of the community. Sponsorships must not undermine the integrity of the non-commercial public space that the Library provides. In developing sponsorship arrangements, the Library will:

  • Safeguard the equity of access to library services and not allow sponsorship agreements to give an unfair advantage to, or cause discrimination against, any sectors of the community;
  • Protect its principle of intellectual freedom and equity of access to its programs, services, and collections;
  • Protect the confidentiality of user records;
  • Not permit sponsors to have an undue impact on the policies and practices of the Library or information provided by the Library (eg. materials selection, purchasing, or web content) or to influence or alter the basic goals and objectives of Library programs;
  • Not seek or accept sponsorships for programs, events, services, or activities involving or targeted to children from companies whose products cannot be legally sold or distributed to children or from companies whose products are inappropriate for use by children;
  • Not allow direct marketing of products to children, except where relevant educational material is promoted in conjunction with programs

Application and Scope of Policy

The partner organization has marketing rights to promote their involvement with the Camrose Public Library for the duration of the sponsorship agreement subject to the provisions of this policy.


sponsorship is a mutually beneficial exchange between the Library and an external organization (sponsor) whereby the sponsor contributes funds, products or in-kind services to the Library in return for recognition, acknowledgement or other promotional considerations. Sponsorships may involve an association between the sponsor and the Library and/or the specific programs, event, service or activity being sponsored. Sponsorships do not imply endorsement of products or services by the Association. A sponsorship does not automatically imply any exclusive arrangement with the Association.

Tax receipts are not issued for such contributions (CRA regulations).

philanthropic gift or donation is an arrangement where a donor contributes cash and/or in-kind goods or services to the Library without expectation or requirement of a reciprocal benefit. While most donors expect some form of recognition as a result of their gift, the recognition is marginal in value relative to the value of the gift as defined by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.


Approval Date:  March 2015

Amended: February 2017, February 2019

Revision/Review Date: February 2022

Approval Signature: ___________Elizabeth Luck_________________________________________

                                                         Camrose Public Library Board Chair