Internet Access and Acceptable Use Policy

Internet Access and Acceptable Use Policy

The Camrose Public Library provides public access to the internet as a means of expanding information access and supporting local library services. The internet is a powerful reference tool offering educational and other valuable information for all ages.


The Camrose Public Library's computers are located in public areas. These computers and the wireless network are shared by Library users of all ages, backgrounds, and sensibilities. Individuals are expected to consider other Library users when accessing the Internet within the Library. The following actions are prohibited:

  • Access sites or transmit materials which violate any Canadian federal or provincial law or City Bylaw such as defamatory, discriminatory, or obscene materials
  • Send fraudulent, harassing, or obscene email messages
  • Display overt sexual images
  • Damaging or modifying the Library's computer equipment, software, or network


Failure to comply with the prohibited activities listed above will result in loss of Internet access and possible banning from all library facilities. Unlawful activities may result in prosecution.

Privacy and Security

Library policies protect customer privacy in the use of library materials and reference service. However, the library is a public place and the library cannot provide private internet workstations or seating areas. At the same time, passersby should respect the privacy of internet users and internet users should not attempt to show displayed material to passersby.

Library employees may take action to enforce library policies and rules. To this end, library employees may observe internet use, question internet users, and restrict conduct by internet users which violates this policy.

The library's wireless internet service is not encrypted. Users should be aware that any information sent or received could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user. Users should avoid entering sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords or any other personally identifying information on any wireless network.



Approval Date:  October 2013

Amended: February 2017

Revision/Review Date: February 2020

Approval Signature: ______Elizabeth Luck____________________________________________

                                                         Camrose Public Library Board Chair