Confidentiality and User Records Policy

All Camrose Public Library employees and volunteers shall hold in strict confidence any records and/or transactions relating to patrons such as individual memberships, use, borrowing, complaints, delinquent accounts, reading habits, etc.

An exception will be made when required by law with a court order. In addition, confidential information may be shared between libraries for the purposes of collecting fines, retrieving borrowed materials, and other related business.

Upon request, a library user will be given access to all information concerning their individual records that the library has on file. Access to a user’s records is limited to that user, except where the user is a minor. A parent or guardian’s signature is required for a cardholder to obtain a library card, and that parent or guardian may have full access to the cardholder’s records for retrieval.

Approval Date:  October 2013

Amended: June 21, 2016, June 2019

Revision/Review Date: June 2022

Approval Signature: _________Elizabeth Luck_____________________________________________

                                                             Camrose Public Library Board Chair