Camrose Public Library Bylaws

 Camrose Public Library Bylaws


The Camrose Public Library Board enacts the following by-laws pursuant to The Libraries Act, R.S.A. 2000, Chapter L-11, Section 36.

1.0        Definition

1.1          For the purposes of this bylaw the expression:

  1. “Act” refers to The Libraries Act, R.S.A. 2000, Chapter L-11 and amendments thereto.
  2. “Board” refers to the Camrose Public Library Board.
  3. “Borrower” refers to the person to whom a Library borrower card has been issued.
  4. “CPL” refers to the Camrose Public Library.
  5. “Director” refers to the person charged by the Board with the operation of CPL.
  6. “Library Materials” has the widest possible meaning and encompasses- regardless of format- items that are held in the collection of the Camrose Public Library or borrowed by the Camrose Public Library. This includes books, periodicals, audio, video, or projected media, paintings, drawings, photographs, micromaterials, toys, games, kits, and electronic databases. 
  7. “Library Resources” includes time, services, space, furniture, information, programs, equipment, and library materials designated for public use.  
  8. “Hours of Operation” means the hours as set from time to time by the Board, that the Library is open to members of the public for the purpose of using or borrowing library materials.
  9. “Loan Period” means the period of time that a member may borrow Library resources for and includes any renewal of an original loan period.
  10. “PRL” means the Parkland Regional Library
  11. “TAL” means The Alberta Library

1.2          For the purposes of this bylaw:

  1. Words imparting male persons include all persons.
  2. Words in the singular include the plural and words in the plural include the singular.
  3. Where a word is defined, other parts of speech and tenses of that word have corresponding meanings.
  4. Where the time limit for doing anything falls on a day when the library is closed to the public, the time shall be deemed to be extended to the first day thereafter on which the library is open to the public.
  5. The Board, may, from time to time, change the specifics set out in the accompanying Schedules.

2.0       Use of Library Resources on the Library Premises

2.1.1    Any member of the general public can use any library resource on library premises.

3.0       Library Facility

3.1          The portion of any building used for public library purposes is open to any member of the public free of charge during the public hours of opening as set out by the CPL Board in library policies.

3.2          The Library’s program room is available for use by groups in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in Schedule A.

3.3          Every person using the Library building shall conduct himself so as to not disturb other Library users or damage any property.

Any staff member may ask any patron contravening this section to leave the premises. If any patron is asked and refuses to leave, the police may be contacted.

4.0       Borrower’s Card

4.1          Any person may, in accordance with subsection 4.2, apply for a borrower’s card from the Library.

4.2          An application for a borrower’s card must be:

a) In a form determined by the Director

b) If the applicant is less than 14 years old, a parent or guardian (guarantor) of the applicant must be in attendance or give written permission.

c) Accompanied by the fee set out in Schedule B

4.3          A staff member may issue a borrower’s card to a person who has satisfied the requirements set out in subsection 4.2

4.4          A borrower’s card is valid for one year from the date of issue and may be renewed on payment of the applicable fee set out in Schedule B. Fore residents of the City of Camrose, whose library cards are free of charge, said cards can be renewed for an indefinite length of time. 

4.5          Despite subsection 4.3, a borrower’s card belongs to the Library and must be immediately returned to the Library if the holder of a borrower’s card is requested to do so by the Director pursuant to Section 7.3

5.0       Responsibilities of a Borrower

5.1          A borrower card may only be used by the person to whom it is issued.

5.2          A borrower or guarantor shall be responsible for all library materials borrowed with the card; therefore, it is important that the borrower inform the Library if their card is lost or stolen.

5.3          A borrower or guarantor shall notify the Library of any change of address and/or telephone number.

5.4          A borrower or guarantor should return any Library item to the Library on or before the due date as provided in Schedule C.

6.0  Loan of Materials

6.1          In accordance with The Libraries Act, Section 36(3), there shall be no charge for the use of the following library resources:

a)       Library resources used on the premises of the Library,

b)      Library resources loaned to a borrower, and

c)       Library resources acquired from other sources at the discretion of the Board.

6.2          For inter-library loan materials, when a lending library levies a charge for the loan or photocopy of materials, the requesting borrower may be asked to bear this charge.

6.3          Loan Periods are set by Parkland Regional Library

6.4          Library materials may be reserved in accordance with policy established by Parkland Regional Library.

6.5          Library materials may be renewed in accordance with policy established by Parkland Regional Library.

7.0  Penalty Provisions

7.2          The charges for damaged or lost materials are as set out in Schedule D.

7.3          A borrower card may be suspended or revoked by Library staff if the borrower:

a)            fails to conduct himself in a manner so as not to disturb other Library customers,

b)            fails to comply with the conditions set out in section 4,

d)            fails to pay an amount assessed by the Director for the loss or damage of a library resource within the time specified by the Director, or

e)            exceeds the maximum allowable fine limit as set by Parkland Regional Library.

7.4          A person who has had their borrower card revoked pursuant to subsection 7.3 may, within 30 days of such revocation, appeal to the Board in writing, setting out the grounds of the appeal.

7.5          The decision of the Board under subsection 7.4 is final

7.6          In cases of serious dereliction, the Board may prosecute an offence under The Libraries Act, Section 41. Such an offence is punishable under The Libraries Act, Section 41. The range of penalties applying on conviction for such an offence is set out in Schedule D.

7.7          Any charge or penalty imposed pursuant to an offence under The Libraries Act inures to the benefit of CPL in accordance with The Libraries Act, Section 42.

8.0 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Bylaw

8.1          The purpose of this bylaw is to establish the administrative structure of the Camrose Public Library in relation to the freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and to set fees thereunder.

8.2          The Director of Library Services shall be responsible and accountable for all decisions taken under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

8.3          Where an Applicant is required to pay a fee for services, the fee payable is in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulation, AR 200195, as amended from time to time or any successor Regulation that sets fees for requests for information from the Policy.

This bylaw replaces the previous CPL Bylaws.

Read a first time November 15, 2016

Read a second time November 15, 2016 with unanimous consent

Read a third time and adopted this 15 day of November, A.D. 2016

Approved:May 5, 1994

Amended:Oct. 24, 1995, Sept. 16, 2003, Feb. 21, 2006, April 21, 2010, May 21, 2013, June 17, 2014, January 2015, November 15, 2016, April 16, 2019, January 2020, January 2021


Revision/Review Date: January 2022

Approval Signature: _______Elizabeth Luck__________________________________

                                    Original Signed by Camrose Public Library Board Chair

Schedules A to D are part of the Bylaws of the Camrose Public Library

Schedule A:         Room Rental Fees

Schedule B:         Annual Borrower Card Fees

Schedule C:         Loan Periods for Library Materials

Schedule A: Room Rental Fees

Room rental fees are as follows:

Full meeting room:                          $20 per hour

Schedule B: Annual Borrower Card Fees

  1. Residents of the 
                a) City of Camrose:
                            1. Memberships are free. Reviewed annually. 
                b) Camrose County:
                            1. Adult - $12.00
  2.                         2. Youth - Free
                            3. Institution - $35.00
                            4. Family - $12.00 (Multiple Cards Issuable)

  3. At any time, the municipalities may cover the cost of library cards, making them free to those who reside in that municipality.

  4. Residents of a municipality that is a member of Parkland Regional Library System will be charged for and issued a borrower card for their home library. The home library is determined by the geographic location where property taxes are paid. 

  5. Residents of a municipality that is not a member of Parkland Regional Library System will be charged $30.00 per household.

  6. The Alberta Library (TAL) Card Holders:
    Individuals who present valid TAL cards from their home library are eligible to have a CPL barcode attached to their home library card and borrow CPL materials as per the TAL regulations. There will be no charge or fee for this service. 

  7. ME Card:
    The ME card allows patrons to use their local card at other public libraries across Alberta to borrow their materials. Adults ages 18 and over in good standing may complete a web form to create accounts with other libraries. They must follow the rules of the lending library. ME materials may be returned to any library in Alberta. 

Schedule C: Loan Periods for Library Materials

Books                                                                                 3 weeks

Magazines                                                                          3 weeks

Newspapers                                                                       Non-circulating

Audio books                                                                       3 weeks

Audio CDs                                                                           3 weeks

DVDs                                                                                   3 weeks

Realia                                                                                  Various

Micro-film                                                                            3 weeks

Inter-library loan materials                                                As specified by lending Library

Library materials borrowed from any other library whether within the Parkland Regional Library system, TAL, or ME are set to the owning library's borrowing period and may be different than what Camrose Public Library's borrowing periods are. Patrons are responsible for knowing when their library items are due regardless of which library the item is from and Camrose Public Library will make every effort to communicate various loan periods to patrons.

Schedule D: Penalty Provisions

  1. Charges for damaged or lost resources:

a)       For Library materials lost or damaged beyond repair, borrowers will pay the price listed in the top right corner of the book. If the item is more than 4 years old, charge half the price listed, and if the item is more than 8 years old, do not charge the patron. If there is no price on the top right corner of the book, it was a donation and no charge will be issued to the patron.

b) If the item belongs to another library, fill out the Damaged form on the Parkland support website at, to inform the owning library that our library will pay the replacement cost.

c)       Patron accounts will be suspended if lost or damaged resources reach a value set by Parkland Regional Library.