3D Printing Guidelines

  • All orders are subject to Didsbury Municipal Library (DML) staff approval. DML reserves the right to deny any print job for any reason. The Library will not print anything that violates DML policies, that infringes on copyright or intellectual property rights, or that is meant to function as a weapon.
  • The Library’s 3D printing service may not be used in a commercial capacity.
  • DML staff will not make major modifications to a file on behalf of the patron, excluding modifications to scale, object orientation, or the addition of support material. Any files submitted to DML are assumed to be final versions and ready to print.
  • The patron is responsible for the cost of any print that fails due to an issue with the file as it was submitted to DML. Complimentary reprints will only be offered in the case of a print that fails due to an error on the part of DML staff or equipment.
  • The patron is responsible for the purchase of any necessary support material. This material is used to stabilize an object as necessary during printing. The object may not print properly if support material is not used.
  • DML assumes ownership of any printed object that goes unclaimed for 30 days.
  • DML will only accept .STL or .OBJ file submissions. The Library is unable to print image files such as .JPG or .PNG.