Thank you for joining Didsbury Municipal Library!

Library cards are free to Didsbury and Mountain View County residents. For new cardholders, our online form allows you to sign up for a temporary three-month card, after which time the Library will require proof of address to extend your membership. Let's get started!

Acceptance of Responsibility

By using the Didsbury Municipal Library, you accept the following rules and responsibilities.

  1. I understand that the library provides access to a broad range of resources and that it is my responsibility to judge for myself and for my children/minor dependents what resources are appropriate for my/our personal use.
  2. I understand that I am solely responsible for all materials checked out on my account, or on the accounts of my children/minor dependents.
  3. I understand that I will be charged for lost, damaged and stolen library materials.
  4. I will report a lost/stolen card as soon as possible to maintain the security of my account.
  5. I will advise the library of any changes to my personal information, or the personal information of my children/minor dependents.
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