Caroline Municipal Library is governed by appointed trustees from the village of Caroline. Library board meetings are open to the public. Our current board chair is Cheryl Dezall and our library managers are Allison Farr and Amanda Archibald.

Board Members

  • Laura Kirbyson (Board Chair)
  • Charlette Harris
  • Bev Smith
  • Jordon Northcott
  • Sheryl Holmstrom
  • Barbara Gibson

So, You're Thinking About Joining the Library Board? 

What does the Library Board do?

Under provincial legislation, the Board is charged with seeking "to provide, in co-operation with other boards, a comprehensive and efficient public library service that reflects the community's unique needs."

The Board has three major roles:

To Plan 

  • The Board creates a Strategic Plan of Service that guides the operations of the library and assists in planning programs and activities prepared by library staff.
  • The Board measures the results of the plan and reports on those results.

 Examples: participates in strategic planning workshops and evaluates strategic plans on a regular basis.

To Govern

  • The Board ensures that the library is managed but does not manage the library.
  • The Board demonstrates accountability to the funding Councils.
  • The Board hires and evaluates a library manager.

Examples: prepares annual budget for town council approval and participates in presentations to local and provincial elected officials

To Advocate

  • The Board acts as a bridge between the community and the library.
  • The Board promotes the library to the community and encourages everyone to use its collections, programs and services.

Examples: attends library functions and participates in advertising campaigns to further the library profile in the community.

Opportunities for Board Members

How much commitment do I need to make?
The library board meets once a month on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm. There are also various subcommittees of the board including personnel, finance, safety, and fundraising. Each member of the board is a member of at least one committee. Finally, there are two executive positions on the board including Chair and Secretary. These positions are up for nominations and renewal on a yearly basis.

Other opportunities include:

  • Parkland Regional Library System offers board training workshops. These are a great opportunity for board members to learn what their roles and responsibilities are. It is suggested that each board member attend one of these workshops during their term.
  • The Parkland Regional Library System holds an annual conference each year. This is yet another opportunity for professional development.
  • The Alberta Library Trustee Association makes available a wide range of learning materials for board members who wish to do some training on their own. You can feel free to check out this website to find out more about library boards in general.