Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways that you can help your public library and the community. See the list of volunteer opportunities below and fill out an application form for any opportunities that are of interest to you.

Youth Volunteer Opportunities 

Shelf Reading the children's area- keeping our books in proper order so that they're easy for everyone to find is no small task; especially in the children's area where many curious hands are constantly moving things around. If you'd like to help us keep this area tidy and organized we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Youth Program Assistant:
  • Help design and create bulletin board decorations, room decorations, and display materials
  • Help prepare crafts for children
  • Gain valuable experience that can be used on your resume
  • Meet new people, have FUN and develop your skills!
Youth Advisory Board Member:
  • Meet monthly with a group of other teens to brainstorm new ideas and fun events at the library.
  • Decide what kinds of events the library will host for teens.

Youth Volunteer Application Form


Adult Volunteer Opportunities 

Shelving- Getting newly returned library items back on the shelves so that others can enjoy them.
Shelf reading- Makingsure that shelved library items are sorted in the correct order. 
Tidying- Dusting shelves and other light housekeeping.
Children's programming assistance- Preparing crafts and other items.
Fundraising- Helping out at fundraising events, or if you're ambitious, researching grant opportunities.
Outreach programs- Working with library staff to provide library resources and programs out in the community (e.g At local seniors' homes, parks, etc.)
Computer assistance- Scheduling appointments with community members who need a little extra computer help.
Event poster dispersal- Putting up library event posters around town.