Albertans tell us every day how essential libraries are to their daily lives. Learn, grow, share – the local library provides endless opportunities to connect people to the information and resources they need.

In rural Alberta, local libraries are supported by regional library systems who help them provide people with a world of materials and resources in a very cost-effective way.


Libraries provide Value Beyond Words. Here’s how:

Economic Development

Businesses locate in communities with libraries. They value libraries as an essential quality-of-life amenity for their employees and families. Libraries support economic development by providing resources for people to start a business, upgrade skills, or learn about career options.


Libraries encourage literacy for people of all ages, help newcomers who have English as a second language, and connect people to each other and the world. Free internet access is a critical educational support for families and people living with poverty.


Libraries help reduce waste and over-consumption by lending books, movies, materials and resources time and time again. This is the ‘original’ recycling program! Library circulation gets the longest life out of each material by enabling as many people to use it as possible.


Libraries bring people together, which is a significant factor in mental wellbeing. For example, moms and toddlers can enjoy story time, providing socialization and literacy support. Isolated seniors can play cards; teens can make friends during game night. The library is a safe, enjoyable community hub that supports mental health through social connection.

Libraries can also provide peer-reviewed, evidence-based resources on health matters, making access to reliable information easy for everyone.

Credible Information

Librarians are available to help people find resources that are evidence-based, credible and reliable. In times of misinformation, falsehoods and conjecture, Libraries can be a force for objectivity and truth.

For additional information please see the following documents.

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