Book and other material donations

Are you going to re-read that bestseller? Do you want to watch that movie again? If you answered no to these questions, you may want to donate them to the Library. Even if you are moving (or just looking to downsize your collection), please consider us as your charity of choice!

We are happy to receive donations of popular books, CDs, or DVDs in excellent condition. The best of the donated material is added to our collection and we sell the rest to raise money for library materials and programming. Just drop your quality used books, CDs, or DVDs off at the circulation desk and let a staff member know you are donating them.

Before you bring your donation to the Library please read the following donation tips to ensure your donation meets the Library’s guidelines.

  • Is the item in excellent condition? Or gently used?
  • Is the item clean and odour-free?
  • Is it current? (no older than three years please)

When in doubt, give only what you would consider as good quality for your own use.

Thank you for your donation!